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Trail Guides

There are an endless number of blogs and guidebooks out there about the outdoors, giving hikers access to information about trail conditions, difficulty, and directions, but there is one problem: The majority of the information out there assumes that the person reading it isn’t disabled. Written by disabled hikers for disabled hikers, we give you information that other guides overlook. 

Our descriptions include detailed information for every stage of hiking - from getting to the trail, amenities, and accessibility information, trail conditions using our signature Spoon Rating System, and more. Trail guides are currently available for Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho.  On this page, you can access the trail guide in two ways: the interactive maps or the list down below.  

Interactive Trail Guide

Use the interactive map below to locate trails and important accessibility information before your adventure.

Trail Guide List

If the interactive map does not work optimally with your assistive tech, you can find trail information at the links below.





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