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Spoon Trail Rating System

Our Rating System

We are committed to making the outdoors accessible. Our rating system provides unique information not found anywhere else to help you have the most memorable and safe experience possible.

How It Works

To help you make the most of your outdoor adventure, we provide key information in 6 different areas.

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Getting There

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Spoon Trail Rating System

The hallmark of our trail rating process is the Spoonie Rating, used to identify how much effort a trail might take. 

The rating system is based in an understanding of spoon theory and offers a representation of how accessible a hike is and how much effort it may take with consideration for how replenishing the experience may be. You may think of it as a combination accessibility, difficulty, and quality rating. 

Because everyone's ability and energy is variable and unique, we cannot guarantee our spoon rating is the same as yours. The rating and trail information is meant to help you decide whether to attempt a trail.

Wheelchair accessibility is included as a factor, with the exception of trails that are fully ABA/ADA compliant.

1 Spoon =

0-2 miles, level and even with grades under 8%, paved, very easy to navigate, probably wheelchair accessible

2 Spoons =

1-3 miles, short grades up to 12%, firm but unpaved surface with no obstacles, access takes a little planning, probably wheelchair hikeable

3 Spoons =

 2-4 miles, generally gentle elevation changes with short grades up to 20%, firm surface with minimal obstacles, possibly wheelchair hikeable

4 Spoons =

3-5 miles, Prolonged grades of 10-15%; elevation changes over 500 ft or longer than .5 mile; soft surface with obstacles, requires advance planning or basic trail map reading

5 Spoons =

5+ miles, Prolonged grades of 15-20%, elevation changes 1000 ft or longer than 1 mile, trail has many obstacles, requires extensive planning or navigation

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