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About Us

Our Story

We are a leading advocate for inclusion and accessibility in the outdoors, guided by disability justice principles.

Our work includes: writing trail guides, leading group hikes, consulting with parks and organizations, presenting at workshops, featuring articles and podcasts, maintaining a website and social media presence, and advocating for social change. 

Disabled Hikers was founded in March 2018 by Syren Nagakyrie. We incorporated as a nonprofit in January 2021. 

Our Mission and Vision

Disabled Hikers mission is to build disability community and justice in the outdoors towards a vision of an outdoor culture transformed by representation, access, and justice for Disabled and all other marginalized people.

Meet the Team

Syren smiles at the camera wearing hiking gear. A forest is behind them.

Syren Nagakyrie (they/them)

Rachel Cuesta


Founder, Director

The outdoors hasn’t always felt like it was meant for me, but nature has always offered a sense of belonging even when I felt excluded otherwise.

Executive Assistant

 Engaging with the outdoors continues to teach me to listen to and care for myself - and to return that care to my community and the natural surroundings we share.

Board of Directors

Sadaf is a light-skinned person wearing sunglasses and  bandana. They smile at the camera. Behind is a mountain scene.
Naomi smells flowers wearing a dark shirt and earrings. A field is behind.
Allexa smiles at the camera wearing headphones. Greenery is behind her.

Michelle Wallace

Naomi Ortiz

Allexa Laycock


The outdoors is for everyone

We believe in accessible outdoor adventure for all people.
In the pursuit of that goal, we value most of all:




Our Impact

20,000+ social media followers

30+ group events and trainings

1 published trail guidebook

28 online trail guides

5 organizational and brand parnerships

1 guidebook committed for 2024

People of diverse races and genders stand together interlocking arms in front of a forest background

Support Disabled Hikers

Disabled Hikers has grown tremendously since our founding in 2018, in large part because of our incredible community of supporters. Get involved to help us continue our work.

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