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S. Fork Hoh
to Big Flat

Trail Overview

Spoon Rating: 



7 miles

Elevation Change:

Not listed




Not listed

In late May 2018, I hiked 4.5 of the 7 mile South Fork Hoh to Big Flat trail.

While it is one of the easier backcountry trails with a few short elevation changes, there were many obstacles and places of loose footing, a couple of stream crossings and one creek crossing over cascading water.

The trail starts out with a steep descent into second growth, and then enters old growth forest in the Olympic National Park wilderness. It crosses a couple of streams as it moves deeper into the forest, and then crosses a creek with boulders and cascading water, before skirting along a hillside with the sound of flowing water all around you. The trail changes from dirt and rocks to smooth river silt as you enter Big Flat, a level area with giant Big Leaf Maples and Sitka Spruce all around you. Eventually you hear the Hoh, and the trail meets the river before climbing a hill again. This is where I turned around.

The trees are magnificent and stately. I heard a Northern Spotted Owl! I also saw a bear on the drive up, and only two pairs of hikers on the trail.

A very rewarding hike, but definitely a 5-spoon difficulty.

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