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Lake Aldwell Overlook Trail to old Elwha River dam

Trail Overview

Spoon Rating: 



not listed

Elevation Change:

20 feet




Not listed

The Lake Aldwell Overlook trail to the old Elwha River dam site and former lake is a beautiful experience of renewal.

While publicized as an ADA accessible trail, the paved roadway is blocked by a gate that would be difficult to go under if you can’t bend over in a chair, are a tall person, or are using a walker, and the path around the gate is too narrow. The road turns to gravel before a good overlook; there is one overlook that is almost entirely blocked by fencing and foliage, but the road does pass under some nice trees and along a small grassy area with wildflowers. The gravel road to the main overlook is a bit steep and long for wheels, with loose gravel.

There is another trail of compact gravel and dirt that is level, which leads to another partial overlook before climbing to the upper overlook with a viewfinder. The hike up is short with minimal elevation change and a couple of stairs.

Overall I give the trail a two-spoon difficulty rating.

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