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Together, we can make outdoor activities accessible and equitable to millions of disabled adventurers. 

Get Involved


Bring Disabled Hikers to Your Community

We can speak at events, assess locations for accessibility, lead hikes in your area, and more!


Promote and Connect

We are available for interviews and articles. Make a request to your favorite outdoors podcast, magazine, or other media to partner with us! Or, do you know any individuals or organizations doing work around disability and/or the outdoors? Connect us.



We rely on donations to do our work! Donate gear or outdoor supplies. Get creative and host a fundraiser for Disabled Hikers!


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For the most recent updates and latest activities, follow us on Social Media! 

Instagram: @disabledhikers

Facebook:  Disabled Hikers 

Disabled Hikers are the invaluable base to the accessibility work in our region. They have provided professional, clear and compassionate guidance through our multiple visitor-facing projects, working seamlessly with with a wide range of interest/knowledge levels and political backgrounds. Accessibility is incredibly important to the welcomability of our area and it’s become clear through our work with Syren that information is power and that we all benefit from greater accessibility.  We cannot recommend them highly enough. 

Emily Reed | Network Director (she, her)

Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance

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Help us bridge the gap between advocacy and action by supporting our efforts and initiatives.

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Sponsor an event, host us for training, and more. Let's get creative together.

Donate  hiking gear or provide much needed funds. Anything helps.

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