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Building Disability Community and Justice in the Outdoors

What We Do

Disabled Hikers is an entirely Disabled-led organization. We celebrate disabled people’s experiences in the outdoors. We help facilitate those experiences with information, resources, and events, including trail guides and group hikes. We are also committed advocates for justice, access, and inclusion, and work with parks, organizations, brands, and more. With disabled hikers and our allies, we are committed to making the outdoors accessible to all. We aim to accomplish this through community, resources, and action.

Who We Are

Syren and their dog Bengi walk in the woods. Syren is wearing a backpack and two walking poles.

We challenge the dominant narrative of who is considered to be valid and which experiences matter in the outdoors. Whether enjoying the outdoors means sitting by your window or thru-hiking a trail, you are welcome here.

We are cross-disability led and grounded in disability justice. We are hikers, birders, climate activists, homebound nature lovers, creators, and more.

Bookcover of the Disabled Hiker's Guide to Western Washington and Oregon

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The Disabled Hiker’s Guide to
Western Washington and Oregon

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From Our Founder...

How Our Guides Are Different

There are an endless number of blogs and guidebooks out there about the outdoors, giving hikers access to information about trail conditions, difficulty, and directions, but there is one problem: 

The majority of the information out there assumes that the person reading it isn’t disabled. 

This website is different. 

Written by disabled hikers for disabled hikers, we give you information that other guides overlook. 

Our descriptions include detailed information for every stage of hiking - from getting to the trail, amenities and accessibility information, trail conditions using our signature Spoon Rating System, and more. 

A planked trail with tree post railing winds through a forest.

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